GFS’ full-service parts and filters department offers a complete line of replacement parts and spray booth filters designed to keep your finishing operation running. Great emphasis is placed on our engineering and workmanship so that GFS customers receive the best products at competitive prices.

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GFS Parts and FiltersOur paint booth accessories are sourced from top-quality suppliers and kept in stock to provide quick turnaround and fast shipping to virtually any location across North America and the world.

In addition to supplying parts for current GFS products, GFS is the approved supplier of all of our heritage booths, systems, ovens and equipment including Binks, Blu-Surf, DeVilbiss, JBI and Milbanks.

    GFS offers replacement parts and air filters for all of our finishing products, as well as other brands. We have items for modern equipment and legacy products dating back several decades. We are your approved full-line supplier of parts and filters for booths, ovens and finishing systems by:

    GFS legacy brand names
    • Binks
    • Blu-Surf
    • DeVilbiss
    • Global Finishing Solutions (GFS)
    • JBI
    • Milbanks
    • Other spray booth manufacturers

    Dedicated to product quality and performance, our parts and filters are designed to keep your finishing equipment running. Great emphasis is placed on our engineering and workmanship so that GFS customers will receive the best products at competitive prices.


    GSAAs an approved GSA vendor, GFS makes is easy for state, local or federal government agencies to purchase GFS products. Government agencies can purchase GFS equipment and accessories directly through the GSA Advantage website. Use the search feature on the site to find Global Finishing Solutions booths, ovens, parts and filters.


    GFS wave filters
    GFS LED lights
    industrial wall curtains

    GFS Parts & Filters Products Include:

    • Spray Booth Filters
    • Powder Cartridge Filters
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Fan Belts & Fan Blades
    • Motors
    • Ductwork
    • Light Fixtures
    • Control Panels
    • Electrical Components
    • Doors, Hinges and Latches
    • Spray Booth Accessories
    • Spray Booth Protective Coating

    Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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