Regenerative Dryers

Tsunami Regenerative Dryer uses the latest technology to provide your application the cleanest, driest compressed air. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Wall Mounted Unit

Wall Mounted Units come complete with pre-filters, PLC, mounting rail and automatic drains.

Ultra Drying Systems

Ultra Drying Systems are fully assembled solutions complete with pre-filters, PLC, automatic drains and outlet regulator. Ultra Systems come mounted on an 80-gallon tank for storing ultra
dry air.

Membrane Drying System

Easy installation, low maintenance drying system 

  • First-stage water separator with float drain
  • Second-stage oil coalescing filter with float drain
  • Third-stage membrane dryer unit
  • High flow piston regulator downstream
Membrane Drying Systemt

Filtration Packages

50 CFM filter packages are assembled complete. To prevent rust and corrosion from forming inside the housing, filters are machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum and anodized for maximum corrosion resistance, inside and out.


Ultra-Flo Spray Hose

Defend your work in the booth with Ultra-Flo technology:

  • Engineered for high temperature exposure
  • Proprietary internal coating prevents contamination
  • Advanced engineering allows hose to lay flat, not prone to coil
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Built in anti static strip reduces static build up3/8" internal dimension
  • 3/8" internal dimension


Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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