About GFS

GFS is the world’s leading manufacturer of paint booths and finishing equipment for the industrial, automotive, aviation, truck and large equipment finishing industries. With over 130 years of history, GFS’ beginnings go back further than any other manufacturer of paint booth environments. Privately owned by the Curran Group, GFS is in a position of great strength and continually invests in expanding our capabilities.

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Our Core Values

Our core values define our corporate culture and guide every aspect of our business.

GFS Core ValuesFamily

GFS is a family-owned and operated company, focused on our family of exceptional employees. This “people first” approach has always led our success. With this foundation and limitless opportunities, our people have every chance to flourish.


Our commitment to “people first” works from the inside out. Never forgetting that business decisions impact people’s lives, we infuse fairness and professionalism into all that we do. The dignity and courtesy we extend to our family of employees carries on to our customers, business associates and vendors.


Side by side, striving for shared goals — we believe that’s how the best work gets done, and that’s why we treat business relationships as true partnerships. We align with people who share our core values and exceed our expertise. Working together, we all succeed.


We’ve built a corporate culture so steeped in character, it holds up even when the lights are off. In our core, we abide by unwavering standards of ethics and walk-the-talk principles. This is more than corporate speak; our integrity — who we are when the lights are off — is everything.


We are constantly planning, innovating and improving. We invest and reinvest to ensure the health and longevity of our company. With keen eyes and vast resources, we constantly think ahead to be better and go farther for long-term success.

GFS Pay & BenefitsPay & Benefits

Treating our employees like family, GFS understands the importance of financial security. We offer competitive salaries and benefit packages that are competitive to all others.

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