Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has the longest history of any other manufacturer of spray booth environments, with roots dating back to 1888. Recognizable brand names such as JBI, Blu-Surf and Team Blowtherm are all a part of the creation of the company known today as GFS.

1975 – JBI Beginnings

After 10 years of national sales experience in the spray booth industry, Jerry Bowe started JBI (Jerry Bowe, Inc.) in Osseo, Wisconsin. The company began producing spray booths and related finishing products for the automotive, industrial, and aerospace industries.

1989 – 12731 Norway Road

JBI saw great success in its early years and quickly outgrew its original headquarters. The company broke ground on a new manufacturing and office facility at 12731 Norway Road, in Osseo, Wisconsin, which is now GFS’ current headquarters location.

1990 – Ribbon Cutting

JBI had their official ribbon cutting of the new facility in 1990, back in the days when the facility was owned and operated under the name “JBI Booths.” This facility, built just off of I-94 in Osseo, WI, was one of the most modern and efficient spray booth manufacturing plants of its time.

1997 – Expansion for Building 2

In just a few short years, a major expansion began at JBI Booths. The facility’s new “Building 2” added a 48,000-square foot manufacturing shop to accommodate rapidly increasing production requirements as well as 10,000-square feet of additional office space. The project was completed in 1998.

1998 – Strength Through Diversity

JBI was acquired by the Curran Group, a family-owned-and-operated holding company based in Illinois with interests in the porcelain tile, rail industry, and asphalt contracting sectors.

Global Finishing Solutions remains under the ownership of the Curran Group today, providing the company with additional financial strength and resources. In addition to GFS, the Curran Group has three other subsidiaries they operate as well.

2000 – Blu-Surf Acquisition

JBI and the Curran Group expanded its presence in the finishing systems market with the purchase of Blu-Surf Combustion Equipment Company. Blu-Surf was an industry leader in industrial oven technology and systems integration. The acquisition of Blu-Surf led to diversified offerings at GFS, improving our ability to meeting growing customers’ need. Blu-Surf burner technology is still used today in GFS’ industrial burn-off ovens.

2003 – The Creation of Global Finishing Solutions

JBI merged with Team Blowtherm in 2003 to create Global Finishing Solutions. Team Blowtherm was a key player in the automotive refinish paint booth market. Global Finishing Solutions also acquired Milbanks Systems Inc. and their oven panel technology.

2005 – A Changing Business

In 2005, the Curran Group purchased all remaining interests held by others within the company and became the sole owners of Global Finishing Solutions. GFS’ extensive product line includes equipment from all these previous brands, now designed and manufactured under the Global Finishing Solutions name.

The Osseo, Wisconsin location became the headquarters for the newly-formed Global Finishing Solutions. To meet growing business needs, the company added manufacturing facilities in Osseo and expanded manufacturing into Mexico.

New GFS Globe logoWith a new name came new challenges for rebranding the business. Global Finishing Solutions began to take on the abbreviation ‘GFS’, tweaking the logo to reflect this change.

2010 – Growth Throughout North America

In 2010, Global Finishing Solutions had grown to include over 400 employees and operate from multiple locations in North America including: head office and manufacturing in Osseo, Wisconsin; manufacturing and sales in Monterrey, Mexico; and sales and tech support in Irving, Texas and Barrie, Ontario. GFS became the worlds’ largest manufacturer of paint booths and finishing environments.

2011 – Consolidated Manufacturing

GFS consolidated all manufacturing to the Osseo, Wisconsin headquarters and began expanding its manufacturing facilities to accommodate additional equipment and personnel, as well as the increasing business demands.

2014 – Making Room for Growth

Global Finishing Solutions completed a major building expansion and renovation project that added 68,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 33,000 square feet of office space and an on-site training facility at the Osseo, Wisconsin headquarters. This added space addressed the immediate need for more space as the business expanded, and allows us room for continued growth.

2016 – Center For Excellence

GFS opened the doors of a new state-of-the-art training and product R&D center. The innovative Center for Excellence allows GFS to demonstrate the advantages of its most advanced, game-changing systems while also teaching proper use, tips and safety techniques. The training facility was meticulously designed with full preparation and paint areas to closely mirror a working body shop.

In addition to training employees and distributors, GFS opened the facility to customers, local paint jobbers, paint companies, collision center consolidators and MSOs, and local body shop associations.

The Future of GFS

Global Finishing Solutions has positioned itself for future growth and development. We’re proud of the talented, experienced and forward-thinking team that we’ve built and continue to build as the face of the company. With a focus on product development, we intend to stay at the forefront of new technology and product innovation.

JBI Building in Osseo

JBI opens in Osseo, WI in 1975.

Osseo in 1990

New JBI facility on Norway Road in 1989.

Ribbon cutting in 1990

JBI Ribbon Cutting in 1990.

GFS Expansion

The first building expansion, completed in 1998.

GFS Acquires Blu-surf

JBI and the Curran Group purchased Blu-Surf in 2000.

GFS Logo History

GFS merged with Team Blowtherm, Binks, DeVilbiss, and MSI.

GFS adds a second building

The Osseo location became the headquarters for GFS in 2005.

GFS Consolidates manufacturing

GFS expanded its manufacturing facilities in 2011.

GFS Arial Photo 2013

Completed building expansion and renovation in 2014.

GFS builds Center for Excellence

The innovative Center for Excellence product R&D center in Osseo.

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