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Whether you want to protect your paint booth’s walls, lights, windows or floor, the Booth Shield™ line from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has the right product for you. Booth Shield provides superior protection and creates a safer spraying environment. The coatings can be applied quickly and removed easily, without damaging the underlying substrate.

Booth Shield Cans


Booth Shield offers outstanding coverage to protect your investment. The coatings are easier to use than traditional paper wrap and create significantly less mess. Once dry, the floor and wall coatings can stand up to heavy use, including foot and vehicle traffic. Booth Shield Peelable White brightens galvanized booths, giving them a clean white finish and ensuring prime visibility for working inside the booth.


Booth Shield provides the flexibility to spray or roll the coating onto your surface and build to the thickness you need. Most wall applications are complete after just one coat, and floor coatings can withstand heavy-duty traffic after just two layers. Booth Shield dries quickly so you can resume full use of your booth within hours of application. Prep coats are available to ensure smooth application and release.


When it’s time to remove and replace the booth coating, simply score the edges and peel Booth Shield off your surfaces. The durable film can be removed in large sections from walls, ceilings, lights and floors, saving time and creating less mess. Once the coating is removed, it can be compressed to consolidate waste and disposed of normally.


Choose from a complete line of Booth Shield products to meet your booth’s needs. With minimal cleanup and surface preparation required before application, GFS offers the following Booth Shield products:

Booth Shield Spray Booth
Part No. Description Coverage Gallons Price
 Peelable White Water Based Wall  385 sq. ft.  5 $300
Peelable White Water Based Wall  75 sq. ft.  1 $85
 236-063  Peelable White Solvent Based Floor  125 sq. ft.  5 $475
 236-066  Peelable White Solvent Based Floor  25 sq. ft.  1 $110
 236-062  Floor Prep Water Based  315 sq. ft.  1 $110
 236-061  Wall Prep Water Based  1,925 sq. ft.  5 $160
 236-067  Wall Prep Water Based  385 sq. ft.  1 $45
 236-039  Translucent Water Based Wall  835 sq. ft.  5 $275
 236-068  Translucent Water Based Wall  165 sq. ft.  1 $60
 236-041  Peelable White Solvent Based Wall  225 sq. ft.  5 $235

*Excluding prep coatings, all Booth Shield wall and floor peelable coatings are available in 55 gallon drums upon request.

Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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