For the new year, GFS is implementing a new Marketing Project Process. The reason for implementing this new process is to ensure all marketing projects are completed accurately, on schedule and in line with the GFS brand. Starting January 1, Marketing will be requiring a Project Request Form be completed for all projects prior to beginning the project. This will ensure Marketing recieves all of the necessary information to accurately begin and complete the project, eliminating the need for multiple rounds of revisions. This will also help marketing to better schedule projects so that projects are not rushed, making them more succeptable to errors and decreasing quality. 

Because this is a completely new process for all of us, Marketing will work with all departments to assist you in filling out request forms and working with the new process. Our hope is that this new process not only helps Marketing to be more effective, but also helps provide you with the high-quality marketing materials that you need sooner. If you have any questions, please contact us at


The following production times are just guidelines. Timelines for each project will depend on the complexity of the project and the current workload of the marketing team.

Reorder - Reorder of business cards, brochures, handbooks, giveaways, etc.; marketing will provide print-ready file; printing must be arranged through purchasing

  • 2-4 business days prior to being sent to a printer or vendor

Professional Services - Existing image search, minor copyediting or proofreading, repair of a broken website link or correct errors or remove outdated information online

  • 2-4 business days

Minor Update - Update copy, proofread and reprint an existing brochure, announcement or other small publication from information provided. No new writing or design but may include swapping in newer photography

  • 5-10 working days prior to being sent to a printer or vendor

Major Revisions - Moderate rewriting, restructuring and redesigning of an existing piece, but retaining its basic purpose, audience, voice and look

  • 2-4 weeks prior to being sent to a printer or vendor

New Content and Complete Redesign - Major rewriting, editing, restructuring and redesign to a piece that retains its basic audience and purpose, but which may look and feel substantially different from its predecessor

  • 2-3 months prior to being sent to a printer or vendor

New Major Project - Extensive conceptualizing, writing, editing, design, photography and/or media production or website; may be produced in house, contacted or a combination therof

  • 4-9 months prior to being sent to a printer or vendor or going live online


Project Planning
Step 1: Submit Project Request Form
Step 2: Upon receipt of project request, Marketing will:

  • Communicate within 3 business days with project contact person to schedule a time to discuss the project
  • Create a Marketing Brief (if needed), a Deliverables List and Timeline within 7 business days, based on complexity of project
  • Email Project Brief, Deliverables List and Timeline documents to project contact person for review

Editorial and Creative Production Begins
Step 3: Obtain all content from project contact person
Step 4: Begin production and creation of content
Step 5: Design/Creation - 1st Draft
Step 6: Department Review of 1st Draft (7 business day review period)
Step 7: Design/Creation - 2nd Draft
Step 8: Final Department Review of 2nd Draft (7 business day review period) 

Final Delivery and Quality Control
Step 9: Project is created and completed based on Stage 8 review
Step 10: A Final Review for quality control may be used in order to ensure accuracy and brand compliancy

Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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