GFS Exclusive Accessories

paint booth grate lifting tool

Grate Lifting Tool

Replacing exhaust filters in your downdraft paint booth is easy with GFS’ exclusive Grate Lifting Tool. This handy tool does the heavy lifting for you, picking up heavy floor grates so you can quickly and easily change the filters. Made from heavy-duty metal for durability.

  • Part Number: GRT-TOOL
  • Max Weight Load: 225 lbs
  • For booth grating only

GFS Parts Hanger

Paint Booth Parts Hanger System

This flexible parts hanging system enables you to maximize the productivity of your paint booth. Sturdy construction ensures parts stay put, while the easily adjustable racks make positioning parts for easy spraying a snap.

Standard Parts Hanger System

  • Support beam
  • Single track with two J-Hooks

​Deluxe Parts Hanger System

  • Support beam
  • Single track with two J-Hooks and two adjustable clamp and rod assemblies

Paint booth sound system

Paint Booth Sound System

Fill your paint booth with sound using Bluetooth connection! Professional grade audio equipment housed in a durable steel casing for protection. Custom-made speaker enclosures have been engineered for the harsh paint booth environment.

  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Two speakers
  • Amplifier
  • Shelf with USB port for easy battery charging

paint booth tool cabinet

Paint Booth Tool Cabinet

Add extra storage capacity to your paint booth and keep tools and supplies clean and free of overspray. The cabinet is integrated in to the rear wall of your paint booth for a custom fit, without losing valuable working space inside your booth. Cabinets feature heavy-duty hardware and latches, and the walls are made from white pre-coated steel panels, just like the walls of GFS paint booths, for exceptional durability.

paint booth rotating access table

Rotating Booth Access Table

Easily access your premixed paint or other supplies from inside the paint booth by installing this rotating turntable into the wall that connects your paint booth to your mix room. Your paint and supplies stay out of the way until you need them. A technician can be mixing paint or preparing supplies at the same time another technician is spraying, increasing productivity and keeping your booth free of clutter and debris.

Additional Booth Accessories




Boothbox 2™

A magnetic, double compartment cabinet and double spray gun holder, designed for the interior of spray booths. Increase efficiency and productivity while eliminating time-consuming trips in and out of the spray booth. Store commonly used supplies within arms reach. 

Dimensions: 15"w, 14"h, 6.5"d. 
Approximate shipping weigh: 14 lb.


Boothbox mini

Boothbox Mini™

Boothbox Mini™ is a magnetic, single compartment cabinet and double spray gun holder designed for the interior of spray booths. Increase efficiency and productivity by storing your needed painting items close at hand when painting. Avoid trips in and out of the booth during a paint job! 

Dimensions: 14"w, 7.25"h, 6"d.
Approximate shipping weight: 9 lb.


gun hanger

4 Gunhanger™

A magnetic, 4-position spray gun holder for paint booths, prep areas or anywhere in the shop. Also works great in paint mixing rooms. Equipped with a tape-holding hook for storing tape, spray gun wrench and other needed items.

Dimensions; 7.5"w, 18.75"h, 7"d.
Approximate shipping weight: 7lb.


paint booth shelf

Booth Shelf WM™

A magnetic, 3-position spray gun holder and vented working shelf combination. Use the BoothShelf WM™ anywhere in the spray booth, mixing room or prep deck to hold spray guns, tape, tack cloth and other painting items for easy access while painting.

Dimensions: 14"w, 10"h, 8.5"d.
Approximate shipping weight: 8lb.

paint booth hose and gun hanger

Hose & Gunhanger™

A double spray gun holder and air hose hanger. Used for spray booths, prep areas or anywhere in the shop. Equipped with a tape-holding hook for storing tape or other needed items.   

Dimensions: 7.5"w, 18.75"h, 7"d.
Approximate shipping weight: 7lb.


single spray gun hanger

Single Gunhanger™

This magnetic spray gun holder is designed to hold all types of spray guns and most types of air tools. A soft edge guard eliminates scratching of gun or gun cup.

Dimensions: 3"w, 5"d. 
Approximate shipping weight: 2 lbs.


pump bottle holder

Pump Bottle Holder™

Double magnetic hook sized for the common degreaser bottles that are usually scattered across prep carts, lying on the floor or hanging from any ledge available. Use the Magnetic Pump Bottle Holder™ anywhere in the booth or prep area to keep bottles easily accessible. The Pump Bottle Holder is also great for hanging a variety of pneumatic tools, spray guns and just about anything you can imagine!

218-023 with Clipboard

218-024 without Clipboard

painting test panel holder

Test Panel Holder™

Simplify your test panel process! Attach paper or metal test panels, hold and spray! For flash and dry times or everyday storage, place the Test Panel Holder™ on the booth wall or other sheet metal surface by its magnets.


Mirror Hanger

Mirror Hanger™

Two-part system for holding all sizes of mirrors and other parts for painting. Just attach the mirror to the holding handle, lift the handle from the base and spray. Then place the handle back on the powerful magnetic base while your paint dries. No more hanging wires in the booth or part horses just to paint a mirror.




All-purpose magnetic hooks that are great for the shop or home use. Magahooks™ are useful in holding a variety of objects to a metal surface such as spray booth walls, parts caddies, lockers, toolboxes, warehouse racking, refrigerators and much more!

Dimensions: 2.65" Base, 65lb pull.

 paint booth accessory - Mega Hook


Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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