Below is a listing of our most popular door types, please contact GFS Parts & Filters Sales for additional doors. 

Product Doors

Product doors are constructed of tubular frames and sheet metal, and are factory painted. Filters, door handles, door safety latches and foam tape are included.

Solid Doors

Are used with pressurized input plenums to enclose open face paint booths in pressurized applications. Door size will be 2 feet shorter than interior booth height and 4 feet narrower than interior booth width.

Filter Doors

Allow product entry and exit while filtering the input air. These doors attach directly to the front of the booth, adds minimal depth to the booth, and are used with non-pressurized booths.

Paint Booth Door types

Personnel Doors

3' X 7' Universal Personnel Access Doors are constructed of 18-gauge galvanized sheet steel. The door can be located on either side of booth to meet user requirements. 18" x 24" observation windows are available.

Door can be installed for either right or left hand swing, includes installation kit. Also available in pre-coat white.

Observation Windows

Designed for applications with booth panels and for use with solid product doors. An attractive option for personnel safety. Clear tempered glass for safe and unobstructed viewing of painting operations.

Part No.



36" w X 84" h, Galvanized


36" w X 84" h, with Observation Window, Galvanized


36" w X 84" h, pre-coat White


36" w X 84" h, with Observation Window, pre-coat White


Part No.


Personnel Door Kit includes Tempered Glass, Weather Stripping, Window Frame, Window Template, and Instructions


18" X 24", Galvanized


18" X 24", Pre-coat White

Panel Kit includes Tempered Glass and Weather Stripping.


18" X 24"


18" X 48"

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are manufactured per GFS' specifications. Finished product is delivered direct to the job-site by the manufacturer to be installed, adjusted, and serviced by trained factory personnel.

Product: Available in galvanized stainless steel and aluminum. Finished range from 21 standard colors to 172 premium colors or color matched to customer specifications as well as colored anodized aluminum.

Paint Booth roll up door

RollSeal™ Automated Door Systems

Exclusive to GFS paint booths and finishing equipment, RollSeal Automated Doors eliminate the space needed for traditional swing or wing-style doors. RollSeal Doors are durable and low maintenance, providing an excellent seal at an affordable price.

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Paint Booth roll up door

Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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