GFS wave filters

GFS Wave media (patent pending) is the most versatile single-stage filtration media made for paint spray booths. Lab testing indicates 99.83% particulate removal efficiency and field testing boasts excellent performance and reliability!

Low Run-Off

GFS Wave media has a convoluted surface designed to create a maximum surface area of filtration with exceptional depth loading ability. This filtration media not only removes overspray from the spray booth’s exhaust air flow, the “Waves” capture and retain overspray within the media, reducing run-off. Reduced run-off means less booth floor clean-up and quicker, more efficient filter changes.

wave filter data

improved profits

A properly installed, operated and maintained paint spray booth can improve your bottom line profitability. Reduce your operating cost, while improving your performance.

wave filter sizes

wave paint booth filters

wave filter features
  • Excellent paint removal efficiency to minimize particulate emissions.
  • Accommodates all paints and a wide array of spray applications from clear coats to high solids and beyond.
  • Clean exhaust air stream. Exhaust chamber, ductwork and fan are protected from a wide range of coating materials (low penetration).
  • Material complies with the requirements of UL 900, NFPA-33, OSHA, and New York rule.
  • Standard and custom cut sizes are available:

Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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