Motorcycle, Parts & Priming Booth

motorcycle parts painting

GFS' Parts & Priming Booths feature a modular panel design, allowing for virtually unlimited sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes. The open-face design allows for parts of many sizes to be easily moved in and out of the booth.

Ultra XD FasTrack Booth

Fastrack parts booth

The Ultra XD FasTrack booth is ideal for shops painting multiple small parts. This booth features the highest levels of contamination control and energy efficiency. An integrated track allows for easy parts movement before and after the painting process.

Powder Coating Booth

powder booth

GFS' powder coating paint booths are high-performance, energy-efficient powder coating environments. A variety of sizes and configurations are available to suit any type of powder coating operation. Conveyor openings and length extensions are also available.

Disclaimer: Product configurations are subject to change without notice

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